Sunday, November 10, 2013

Crossroads of life

Yet again I am on the crossroads of life. And I know in a moment, its just memories that will remain. Today, I had this strange feeling of having lost something I valued a great deal. Just that I realized it when it was gone. It’s tough to explain in words.

Moment in time at its lowest ebb
Thoughts so disturbed, dreams so indistinct
Frustration winning over, anger long lasting
Loneliness killing and emptiness wide spread

If I had my chance, I'd go back in those oblivious days, tracing my own footprints back through time, walking through all those cherished moments and waving at the people I met who are etched in my mind. Someday I’d reach the origin, from where it all started. And I'd start it all over again, this time my way.

What a pleasant dream. HaHa! How I wish it was true.
I am not scared of tomorrow. I’d been on crossroads before. And through various such rough junctures, I reached this place I called home for a long time. But life goes on. We still have to move ahead and explore new things.

So here I stand yet again, on the crossroads of life, arms wide open.

Emptiness all around, hazy shades right ahead
Mighty will to be the best, is still alive in my head.
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